EAPN:ltä uusi julkaisu: 2015 Assessment Report and Proposals on Country-Specific Recommendations

EAPN on julkaissut EU:n talouspolitiikan ohjausjakson maakohtaisia suosituksia koskevan raportin EAPN’s 2015 Assessment Report and Proposals on Country-Specific Recommendations.

Raportin 12 pääviestiä ovat:

  1. Balance economic / social CSRs and review social impact to avoid penalizing the poor.
  2. Require an integrated anti-poverty strategy and an effective poverty target.
  3. Invest in universal social protection and ensure adequacy of minimum income.
  4. Promote quality and sustainable jobs with decent wages.
  5. Tackle long-term unemployment by promoting inclusive labour markets, as part of integrated Active Inclusion approaches.
  6. Invest in social standards to ensure universal access to social and health services.
  7. Guarantee access to an affordable home for all!
  8. Invest in inclusive, comprehensive education, particularly for Roma.
  9. Tackle youth poverty and social exclusion as well as youth unemployment.
  10. Promote gender equality, work-life balance and invest in children.
  11. Reduce inequality and promote tax justice.
  12. Promote meaningful civil society engagement and ensure legitimacy.